Our belief in structure and discipline during daily operations strengthens our future mission of borderless opportunities

Our Mission

We are committed to the success of our investors, team and firm. We act on this commitment by living our core values: respect, communication, sophistication and creation of wealth.

Capitall Advantage

We bring to you the opportunity to be part of a company during its early stages of operation.

We offer the highest quality or guidelines to secure your wealth and grow it at competitive rates

We provide and seamless entry and exit strategy for all investors in all locations

What We Do?

Investment Management:

Coming soon, Portfolio Management

Trade Equities

We understand the market volatility and uncertainty during these times. Our trading strategy focuses on risk management, and strict opportunity seeking to only find the most profitable trades and keep your money safe.

Our Working Proccess




Research Cash Flow



Build Operational and Legal Structure

Investor Funding w/ ownership distribution

Recruitment and Training

Brokerage and Bank accounts

Cash Flow Adjustment


Begin software and Algorithm development

Begin trading and build track record




Test Algorithm


HAPPY Clients


Skilled Team


Complete Job


Awards Win

Our team

People Behind Success

Alexis García Busa

 Founder, Operating Director and Portfolio Manager

DNA: I am a young entrepreneur with a vision of building a sophisticated hedge fund that creates borderless opportunities for our clients, the team and the firm. My passion and responsibility for investments and our vision is the DNA behind my success.

Ana Sofía Buxadé

Director of Talent and Recruitment, Portfolio Manager

DNA: With a background in actuary, I am determined to use my skills for the benefit of the team, the investors and the hedge fund. Driven by opportunity and investments, I have found my place in the finance industry. My dedication for consistency is my DNA for success.


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